Ginza Womens Puffer Jacket

All combined in a product that will keep you safer for peace of mind on the job site. Made in Pakistan.

Available Colors

Please contact us to customize your Puffer Jacket or ask about our special "Puffer Jacket wholesale custom overseas program".

Email : or call +92 (0) 52-3524217 for details.

Product Detail

Faux Fur With Zipper Hooded Pillow Collar

• STYLISH–stand out from the crowd in our perfect winter and spring jacket. It’s a must have coat for a girls wardrobe that oozes style but is also warm and comfortable too with its faux fur collar and all over stripe quilting.

• MATERIAL–with a 100% nylon shell and lining our range of girl’s coats are extremely warm thanks to 220gm insulation and a faux fur pillow hooded collar. Very lightweight with cold and wind resistant quilting.

• FASTENINGS–a quality, heavy duty gold zipper closure, zipped side pockets and a removable hood with a zipper fastener make our girls jackets ideal for day to day cooler weather wear, travelling and outdoor sports for wet and windy days.

• CARE–easy to clean, hand wash cold with no dry cleaning. Do not twist dry or iron, instead leave to hang dry naturally. Whichever one of our girl’s winter coats you choose, it will look like new.

• SIZE–before ordering, please read the size chart provided below in the product description to ensure you receive the most suitable for your requirements.

Stylish and incredibly warm:

Our puffer jacket for girls is a great alternative to girls bomber jacket styles, padded with an innovative material that is as warm as down and super light you’ll be spoilt for choice with our vibrant color range. For a warm, feminine look you will feel your absolute best whilst also being toasty warm in our puffer jackets for kids. With big enough pockets for a cell phone, keys and wallets, you can comfortably wear our puffer jacket, safe in the knowledge your personal items are zipped safely inside.

Care Advice:

When in need of a clean, soak the puffer jacket for up to 60 minutes in a sink, bucket or washing machine on a soak cycle (do not use fabric softener).

Rinse the jacket by lightly squeezing out the excess water – do not wring or twist. You can shake the jacket gently but be careful as wet down is heavy enough to damage fabric.

When ready to dry, tumble dry thoroughly on a very low heat until you can’t feel any clumps of down under the outer shell of the jacket.
After removing from the dryer, shake the jacket to re-loft the down and air for several hours before using or storing. If you don’t have a tumble dryer, we recommend professional laundering.

Ensure the puffer jacket is dry before using or storing.

Don’t store the puffer jacket with any sharp object in the same compartment, this to avoid damage to the coat.


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